Creating an image that will be cherished for a lifetime is her goal every time Susan takes a photograph.  Susan’s interest in photography developed during her childhood in Florida. Her mother, who was a once a photo lab tech for a South Florida newspaper, would bring her into the dark room while developing the family photos. Her exposure to the miracle of chemically coaxing an image out a blank sheet of paper began her lifelong love affair with photography.

Susan began her artistic training after high school. She had originally planned to study costume and set design but after a short time her love of the photographic image could not be resisted and she changed her major to Fine Art Photography. While working her way through school as a stagehand and theatrical technician at a local theme park, Susan learned the crafts of sound reinforcement, recording and lighting. This also gave her a wide variety subjects for her fine art photography, the dancers, singers, actors, celebrities and musicians who performed at the park. Upon seeing her live action shots many of the performers began asking Susan to create headshots and modeling portfolios for them. 

When not behind the lens, Susan recently worked as a stage and production manager for a major cruise line which gave her the opportunity to photograph both people and scenery from the fjords of Norway to the beaches of the Caribbean.